Special Raksha Bhandhan in the symbolic Trumph village of Marora Haryana.

Warsheeda, 20 along with 34 other girls from the village of Marora in the backward Mewat region of Haryan has made about 1000 rakhi’s and they have send these sacred threads to the US president Donald Trumph and Indian Prime Minister Narindera Modi on this occasion of Raksha bandhan, (a Hindu festival which means "bond... Continue Reading →


Mayapuri Junkyard Is Where Vehicles Go To Die… And Be Reborn

Mayapuri Junkyard, located in West Delhi, is said to be Asia's largest vehicle scrap yard. It is where vehicles go to die... but also where they find new life. It is a junction where our government and small-scale industries work together to recycle, reuse and repurpose. Indeed, even though it's prima facie a collection of... Continue Reading →

Arsenic in the Water Is Slowly Killing this Village

The water, in Madhusudankati village located in Gaighata which is 14 kms away from the Bangladesh border, has high content of arsenic. Villagers of Madhusudankati are suffering from physical as well as mental illness due to the arsenic contaminated water. Not only is the drinking water contaminated but also the food.

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